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Presented by: Cathy Fyock


Date: 3/31/2021




Hard work can make a fabulous payback and an incredible return on the investment. If you have an area of expertise, you have a book inside you. However, creating and editing do not go together. 


In creating, you just let it go. In editing, you go in there and dive in. Here’s some things to consider:

  1. Think about what writing can do for your business.
  2. Identify a positioning statement about who you are, what your book and blog are about.
  3. Define your thesis statement for your blog or in your book.
  4. The targeted reader should be aligned with your targeted customer.
  5. Focus on the reader.


If you want more instruction about writing a piece, Blog 2 Book is a basis for that. You can also send an email to cathy@cathyfyock.com.

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