How do the services of the Kentucky SBDC benefit lenders?

When you refer your small commercial loan clients to the Kentucky SBDC for technical assistance, you are providing them with access to a statewide network of experienced business coaches, resources, and partnerships.

We work with your client to prepare their business plan, research their market, and make more informed decisions. And, most importantly, we send them back to your institution better prepared to apply for the business loan. 

Planning and Preparation

Our experienced business coaches utilize specialized tools to help existing business owners and potential entrepreneurs analyze and understand their market, develop comprehensive business plans, and prepare financial projections that are based in reality.

Information and Insights

We help clients conduct market research to better understand their target market, their industry, and their competition.
An informed business owner makes better decisions.

Challenging Expectations

The Kentucky SBDC Business Coach works with the small business owner or potential entrepreneur to identify and challenge their assumptions. We also educate the business owner or potential entrepreneur on the financing process and what is required. 

Ongoing Support

Our business coaches continue to work with small business owners after they’ve obtained the loan. We’re the entrepreneur’s trusted advisor, offering analysis and coaching services to help the business grow. 

No-Cost and Confidential

A client never has to pay a fee to work with the Kentucky SBDC because their tax dollars have prepaid for our services. And, the confidentiality of our clients is protected by federal law. We’re not permitted to share any client information without their consent. 

Find Out More About The Kentucky SBDC

Email us to learn more about how the statewide network of Kentucky SBDC Business Coaches can help your commercial lending clients start and grow successful businesses... at no cost. 

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