Fund Your Business

The KSBDC has access to several small business financial analysis tools to help you analyze your business from a financial perspective, compare your business to others of similar size throughout the United States, and make better decisions based on data specific to your business and industry.
1. ProfitCents
is a web-based application with the goal to provide easy-to-use financial and analytical tools to help KSBDC clients to make better decisions.
The ProfitCents automated financial analysis software suite consists of five main components:
Plain Language Reporting Tools- For-profit, nonprofit, and personal financial analysis.
Analytical Review / Audit Tools- For-profit and nonprofit financial auditing.
Private Company Industry Information- real-time private company industry benchmarks.
Business Projections & Valuations- Performs financial forecasts and projections. In addition, automatic business valuations.
Pricing and Survey compensation Reports –report on pricing, billing rates and compensation or select industries.
2. First Research
First Research has reports for over 900 industry segments. Reports include insightful and easy to digest Industry Intelligence that can be consumed very quickly to better understand business issues in a specific industry.
3. Profit Mastery
is a financial analysis suite that allows KSBDC consultants to help clients with the following:
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