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Cyber Workbook

Designed to provide small businesses with a guide for creating a Written Information Security Program (WISP).

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Cyber Tips

7 Actions you can take today to help secure your small business from Cyber threats.

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The Federal Trade Commission, along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Small Business Administration (SBA), has recently launched a national education campaign to help small business owners understand common cyber threats and how they can help protect their businesses. Access all the educational materials at

Statistics tell us that 60% of small businesses that have experienced a cyber-attack go out of business within six months of the attack. Our goal is to help our clients prepare for and prevent cyber-attacks while providing resources to aid in the recovery should an attack occur.

Step One – Assessment 
The first step of prevention is to assess and identify areas of weakness in order to take corrective action.

The following assessment tools are available free of charge:
Step Two – Prepare
Once areas of vulnerability have been identified the next step is to implement measures to prevent a cyber-attack. Below are links to multiple resources addressing common areas of vulnerability?

Protect Your Business

Create a Cyber Planning Guide
This site allows the business owner to select from template options to create a custom planning guide in a few minutes.
Develop a Cyber Work plan for Your Business  
This workbook steps you the operation of your business to create a detailed 5-Part Cyber security work plan.
Data Backup Basics
Click here to learn the basics of backing up your data. If an attack hits you’ll be prepared with data stored elsewhere. 
Protect your Business Relationships and Partnerships
Cyber Security and International Business
This 15 minute assessment focuses on the challenges of cyber-security when doing international business.
Cyber Security Requirements for Government Contracting
If your company does business with the government this 15 minute assessment will bring you up to speed on the cyber-security requirements of doing business with the government. 
Managing the Human Element
Identifying suspicious E-Mails
Phishing scams are among the most frequently used methods hackers gain access to data and are largely successful because of human error.  Click here to test your phishing IQ. 
Implement Strong Passwords 
Intricate passwords can be inconvenient, but they are important if you want to keep your information safe. Click here and here to learn tips on strong passwords to protect your accounts. 
Tips for Internet Usage at Work 
This guide can be posted in the business as a quick reference for safe Internet usage at work.
Things Business Leaders Need to Know about Cyber-Security


A well-executed security plan starts at the top of the business. This program offers tools for business leaders.
Protect Your On-line Transactions
EMV Cards
Follow this link to learn why chip technology is more secure than using the magnetic strip on credit cards.
Protecting Your ACH Transactions
What are the threats to secure ACH transactions? Follow this linkto learn the threats and how to stay safe. 
Protect Your Workspace
This 5 minute video explains how to protect the physical work space from data and information loss. 
Protect Yourself Against Ransomware
This 3 minute video explains what ransomware is and how to protect against it.
Click here for a step by step checklist to protect your business against ransomware. 
Cyber Insurance
This quick assessment is a tool some insurance companies use to pinpoint your risk level.
Does your insurance policy cover cyber losses? Click here to find the 7 most important questions to ask about your insurance policy.
Create a Response Team


Hopefully the above mentioned tips will keep your business form ever having to deal with a cyber security breach, but you should always be prepared to take action in the event a breach happens. Click here to learn the best practices for developing a response plan.

Step Three – Respond & Report


Install Anti-virus & anti-malware 
This brief video explains the benefits of anti-virus and malware tools.
Data Breach Response 
If you suspect a breach has occurred this PDF guide discusses the immediate steps to take.
Consider the Legal Ramifications
This article explores the legal ramifications of a cyber breach,  what to expect, and what to avoid.
Gather the Right Resources
This resource will point you in the right direction to find the right resources to respond to an attack.
Cyber Attack Survival Guide – Follow this detailed guide on what to do after an attack occurs. 
You’ve Been Hacked, Now What? – Suggestions for steps to take immediately after you realize your computer systems have been compromised.


Reporting Identity Theft – Find assistance to report and recover from identity theft: 
How to Report a Cyber Attack – Learn who to contact after a Cyber-attack.
How to Report a Cyber Crime – Find out who to contact for specific crimes.
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