The Kentucky Pacesetter Business Recognition Program recognizes high performing second-stage and start-up small businesses that are producing innovative products, increasing sales, creating jobs and serving communities of the Commonwealth. Winners will be selected based on their intent and capacity to grow based on two or more of the following categories:

For second-stage businesses:

  • Growth in number of employees
  • Increase in sales and/or unit volume
  • Innovativeness of the product of service
  • Response to adversity
  • Employee engagement and commitment
  • Contribution to aide community-oriented projects
  • Other criteria contributing to the business’ success
For new start-up businesses: 
  • Evidence of delivery on or exceeding original business plan
  • Understanding of the market and mechanisms to respond to change
  • Innovativeness of the product or service
  • Response to adversity
  • Strong leadership and management with the ability to drive the business forward
  • Contributions by the nominee to aid community-oriented projects
  • Other criteria deemed appropriate
Participants must be KSBDC clients. 
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