Specialty Programs

In addition to our general business planning, consulting and training services, the KSBDC provides services through a number of specialty programs.
Disaster Planning & Recovery
Following a disaster, it is anything but ‘business as usual’ for you, your employees and customers. The faster you can return your business to some level of normal operations, the quicker you can restore your income, jobs, and the goods and services you supply to your customers.
Exporting Assistance
Exports grow Kentucky’s economy. Exporting helps companies ride out seasonal and regional fluctuations in sales, extend the life cycle of their products, develop and adapt new products, and diversify their dependence on sectors and clients.
Freelancer & Self-Employed Professionals
The KSBDC has a suite of services specifically designed for the self-employed and freelance professional. From strategic planning to market research, financial planning to networking strategies, these services are designed to provide the support and assistance you need to propel your business to success.
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