Bigg Deals Auto Auction Ashland Kentucky

Brock Elliott had 10+ years of experience working in the auto auction industry and always hoped to one day operate his own auto auction company.
In 2012, Brock began pursuing possible locations and available space. He met with a local lender who referred him to Kim Jenkins, management consultant at Morehead State University’s Ashland Small Business Development Center (SBDC).
The Ashland SBDC has been providing small business consulting services free-of-charge in downtown Ashland for nearly 30 years.
Brock met with Jenkins about securing a loan to open an auto auction in the Ashland area. He had located some commercial property for lease on Slone Court in Ashland/Cannonsburg, Kentucky. Jenkins assisted him with business planning, financial forecasting, and loan packaging. As plans were discussed, it became necessary to calculate his anticipated start-up costs which included fencing, garage doors, decks, lighting, signage, sound system, furnishings, office equipment, etc… Jenkins also helped him project estimated sales/income potential and overhead expenses.
In the months that followed, she worked with him to prepare three-year cash flow/profit-loss financial projections and SBA loan paperwork for submission to a local bank. In March 2013, he was approved for SBA financing, and the grand opening of Bigg Deals Auto Auction was conducted on June 6. The auction is conveniently located ¼ mile past Wal-Mart on Rt. 60; turn at Freedom Homes; Bigg Deals is the white building next to Holiday Inn Express.

The services we received from Kim Jenkins and her staff were exceptional. They were very friendly and available to answer all our questions. Thank you for all your help!

– Brock Elliott

Their slogan is “Bigg Deals Auto Auction . . . where every deal is a BIGG deal”. Brock and his wife, Lori, invite you to experience their upbeat, fast-paced, and enjoyable car auction every Thursday evening at 6:30 PM.
For more information and details about their auto auctions, call (606) 929-5505 during Tuesday-Friday between 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

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