Data Assured: Cyber Security Workbook for Small Business

A Note From Our State Director...

The threat of cybersecurity is one that the Kentucky Small Business Development Center recognizes as a major area of concern for small business owners in the Commonwealth. Hackers are specifically targeting small and medium sized businesses because of their potential lack of knowledge, resources, and general awareness on the issue. The Kentucky SBDC is eager to help in providing the information and means necessary to combat those attempting to take advantage of Kentucky small business owners.

One of the Kentucky SBDC’s core values is to make a difference in our clients lives by offering valuable, timely, and meaningful assistance. For that reason, we are happy to provide resources on the state and national level to help small business owners become more aware of the possible threats in regard to cybersecurity. Taking action on this issue must become top-of-mind, especially in today’s online space.

The material in this workbook is provided to equip small businesses with necessary information and resources to assist in setting the foundational knowledgebase of cybersecurity. In addition, we provide online webinars with a focus on cyber guidance, as well as our ongoing business coaching with those who understand the needs of small business owners. Please visit the website below for updated links, resources, and continued learning.

Kristina Joyce
State Director
Kentucky Small Business Development Center

Technology is a double-edged sword. 

On the one hand, it creates productivity and business opportunities never seen before. 

On the other it can allow remote users access to an entire business, enabling them to take it down with a few keystrokes. 

With fewer employees than ever, technology can allow small businesses to directly compete with medium and large firms. Federal, State, and Industry regulators have decided that the threats posed by malicious actors in cyberspace must be addressed. 

For the small business owner, responding to new regulatory demands to protect business and client data is essential. 

This is not just a matter of following the rules, nor illustrating to your clients and customers that their safety and security matters, but it is a matter of outright survival of your company should it experience a breach.

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