South Central SBDC invited to be a Google Trusted Verifier

South Central can now instantly verify businesses on Google.

Good news for small businesses in South Central Kentucky. With it’s new Google My Business Trusted Verifier status, South Central SBDC is your resource for instant Google verification.
For many small businesses, getting verified on google can be a frustrating process. Businesses must sign up with Google, wait for a verification post card, and follow through with the verification process. Without a Google verification, growing an online presence is nearly impossible.
“A claimed, verified and optimized Google My Business listing has a significant impact on local search rankings. This seemingly simple task often causes business owners plenty of frustration with a series of Google postcards, failed phone verifications and the inevitable duplicate listings. The South Central SBDC, as a Google Trusted Verifier, can help circumvent these issues by verifying a business listing instantly and onsite at the place of business,” said Kevin Norvell, South Central SBDC Director.
As part of the elite, invitation only, Google Trusted Verifier team, South Central SBDC has the ability to instantly create, claim and verify business listings for their clients. By doing a few checks and asking the business owner for appropriate documentation to confirm business details and validity, center consultant can get a client’s business is verified and visible across Google.
South Central SBDC was asked by Google to participate in the program. Their relationship with Google was built by hosting several google live-stream events and their continued work with small businesses. This relationship lead Google to reach out to Kevin Norvell to become a Trusted Verifier, a.k.a. Google’s Superheroes. Norvell had to go through a training to receive this invite-only Trusted Verifier status.

If your business is within the South Central SBDC region, and you would like KSBDC’s most Tech-savvy consultant to help your business get on track, request an appointment today!

The South Central SBDC can assist businesses in claiming and verifying their business listing.
South Central SBDC offers one on one sessions, usually lasting 45-60 minutes to:
  • Register, claim and verify their listing
  • Walk through of the Google My Business dashboard console
  • Optimize the listing for maximum exposure
  • Understand Google Posts
  • Answer any questions clients may have

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