Surprising Statistics on the Moving & Storage Industry

By Phil McMillan of Safeway Moving & Storage

The moving industry is growing rapidly. Every year, about 43 million Americans move. This is a significant increase over time considering that in 2009 an average of only 31 million Americans moved.
This means roughly 17% of the total population is moving every year. In 2006 that percentage was 13% and had actually decreased three years later in 2009 to 12.5%. Though the percentage was lower in 2009 approximately 31 million people still moved that year and thus it was technically more people. That means that between 2009 and 2013 the number of people moving has increased twelve percent in merely four years.
Another statistic that is curious to look at in comparison is the logistics of the moves that Americans made in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

In 2009:

  • 84.5% of Americans moved within the same state
  • 12.5% of Americans moved to a different state
  • 2.92% moved to the United States from a different Country

In 2006, these numbers were incredibly similar:

  • 84% of Americans moved within the same state
  • 12.6% of Americans moved to a different state
  • 3% of Americans moved to the United States from another country
These statistics are interesting because the percentages are almost identical and yet the actual numbers are quite different. In the 2009 census, 12.5% is much greater population wise than 12.5% would have been in 2006. All of the statistics mentioned in this article just prove to show that as the population continues growing, so will the moving and storage industry.

Here are a few tips on safely and efficiently moving your business or office facility.

  • Plan everything you will need in advance to cut down on stress levels and keep things systematized.
  • Call moving companies at least one to two months in advance for quotes and rate estimates and then choose which one you believe to be the best after comparing all your estimates.
  • Have a physical estimate made of the items in your workplace that need to be moved. Phone quotes and online estimates are not accurate enough to be used.
  • If a moving company asks for a large amount of money up front before viewing you home or property and the things that need to be transported, you are probably being scammed.
  • Set up a moving company at least two months prior to the date of your expected move.
  • Number all your boxes for easy packing an unpacking in your new space.
  • Make sure the company you use for moving is licensed appropriately. If you are moving out of state they should be licensed in the new state as well.

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