Text Marketing for Small Business

Text marketing is very cost effective for small businesses. With the right text marketing company on your team there are no big start-up costs to worry over, so getting started in this new wave of marketing is simple and easy for you to do. It is also very easy to get a mass amount of phone numbers without a lot of effort or hassle so it is affordable and effective.

Buying Names?

You can pay businesses for lists of phone numbers, and essentially “spam” people. This is not the recommend way to do things. You are wasting your money and really annoying people, which can have a negative impact on your company, even when you mean no harm.

Or you can collect them whenever someone buys your product or uses your service. This is a great way to garner repeat business, especially if you offer lucrative discounts or deals in your texts. You must always make your marketing list an opt-in offer, meaning people choose to receive messages on their ell from you.

Redbox is a great example of a business that uses text marketing to its advantage. They however are not the only company to do this. Many other types of business find that it is beneficial from them, too. This includes restaurants, clubs, bars, supermarkets, retailers and even financial intuitions. Financial institutions take advantage of this type of marketing as well. Many consumers receive regular text messages from many companies with products they use on a regular basis. It is a great way to save, especially in these times of economic hardship for small businesses.

Give Them What They Want

In order to get people to take advantage of the text marketing is to include links to your site, or links with coupon codes. This is nice because the majority of people today own smartphones which they can use to access the link and purchase something right when they receive the text. Make your offer one that ends soon and one that must be taken advantage of at this moment to benefit from. Make sure that your message offers a call to action and beneficial concepts to your company.

A Cheap Way to Market

Again, this provides little cost to the business owner, outside of their text marketing plan. Because each person that receives the text will be charged according to their carrier’s data rates. It is also a great way to ensure that customers come back, most people take coupons and throw them away, or lose them. But nobody is going to do that with their phone, a text message will always be there and prevent them from missing out on learning more about your product or service. In conclusion, text marketing is extremely cost effective for small businesses. There are no printing fees for fliers or posters, and it is much easier to come up with a short 20+ word text message than hiring someone to design marketing for your business. It provides repeat customers who will love the deals and promotions you may offer through the text messages. At the end of the day, saving money is the key objective of everyone. This provides a very good way to do it, while simultaneously increasing your businesses traffic and sales! All for the low cost of a text plan from your local phone carrier.

Get in on the Fun

There is not a more affordable way to market than with text marketing. Make sure that you do not miss out another day on an affordable. Easy way to reach many people without effort.

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