Understanding Facebook Edgerank

If you’re going to invest your time marketing your small business on Facebook, then you need to understand Edgerank. Edgerank is the Facebook algorithm that determines which of your posts get displayed in the newsfeeds of your fans.

You see, just because someone is a fan of your business, that does not mean they will see everything you share on your Facebook page. In fact, it is estimated that as few as 16% of your fans will see any given post that you make.

So, how can you maximize the chances that more of your fans will see your content? You must make sure that you are frequently posting engaging content. In other words, the goal of your posts should always be to generate likes, comments and shares for these actions increase your Edgerank with fans, thereby increasing the likelihood that your future posts will be present on their respective newsfeeds.

For a great explanation, our friends at PostRocket have created the infographic below.

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