Blog: Pro Tips: It Takes More Than Likes to Make a Sale

Pro Tips: It Takes More Than Likes to Make a Sale

I’d like to pass along an experience from a couple months ago from a small business consult that carries an important lesson when it comes to sales. 

Like many small business startups today he depended mostly on Facebook for his marketing. At first glance, his main image boasted many likes, several hearts, and as many complimentary comments. He had checked all the typical boxes as far as one could tell, but there was a root problem: “I’m just not making any sales.” 

“I’ve only sold two units since I started this page (a few months prior),” the owner lamented. “Yes, I’m getting lots of Likes and good comments, but no one is interested in buying!” 

I had taken a good look at his business page earlier and saw a core problem. Yes, he had several very well done images, but apart from a basic one-sentence descriptor that was all. So, in follow-up I asked a few questions: 

ME: Beautiful photo, but it looks a little wide for most spaces…can you build it not as wide? 

HIM: Yes. I will build custom width and depth. 

ME: For a similar price? 

HIM: For the same price. 

ME: That’s great…where do you state that? 

HIM: Nowhere. 

ME: Does it come in only that stain? 

HIM: No…I can do it most any wood stain. 

ME: That’s great…where do you state that? 

HIM: I don’t. 

And we went on like that for a few more questions until I believe he got the point.

If you’ve read any of my columns before, you know a go-to principle for me is the Marketing Equation: Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer = Results. No sale or transaction happens without the Marketing Equation taking place, and it can help identify where a transaction-in-process fails much clearer. In this case, the good number of Likes, hearts, and comments shows there was a successful enough Interrupt; meaning the post made a number of viewers stop, see the image, and many like it enough to take an action. Odds are many more stopped at the image, but didn’t elect to click or type a reaction. What this tells us is the Equation breaks down at Engagement, or how can you help make the Interrupt (the image) about the viewer – how can you draw the viewer in? That’s definitely missing in the business owner’s postings. 

By quickly answering the two questions above, plus a couple more, it would serve to draw the viewer into the post. “Each beautifully handcrafted hardwood piece is CUSTOM built to size and CUSTOM stained to fit your home…all for the same low price.” See how that simple statement can draw a viewer in and make it about them? No “…but that won’t fit,” or “…but it’s the wrong color,” thoughts before they scroll to the next item. Now, after they were Interrupted by the image, these few words have them thinking how it can work in their home. He can continue to the Educate step with a read-more click that details the quality of wood, joint style, hardware, finishing, and more before going to the Offer for price and delivery information. 

See how adding that one sentence leading to an Engage step can change the experience and greatly increase the chance for a sale? 

If you have questions about your product or service sales, or maybe you need a revamped approach, contact your Kentucky Small Business Development Center and book an appointment with a business coach today!

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