Celebrate Manufacturing in Kentucky

Citizens of the Commonwealth will be applauding manufacturing and its wide-reaching economic benefits during Celebrate Manufacturing in Kentucky the week of September 30 – October 4.

Joining states around the country during National Manufacturing Week, Kentucky’s manufacturing facilities will be conducting tours, open houses, hosting local school field trips and community forums. The week will be cap stoned by the announcement of Kentucky’s Manufacturer and Employee of the Year at an awards luncheon in Louisville on Friday, October 4.

Manufacturing is Kentucky’s number one economic drive representing 17% of the Commonwealth’s Gross Domestic Product. Manufacturing provides 215,000 careers for our friends and family members. Manufacturing guarantees a strong and diverse economy for local communities, resulting in a job creation multiplier of 3:1.
Local manufacturing jobs make every economic sector stronger from housing, to local schools, to the food and service industries. Businesses on Main Street, gas stations, hair salons and furniture stores all benefit from a strong, local manufacturing base and the opportunities these careers create.
Join in. Attend an event. Write a letter to your local newspaper or the Mayor. Let your neighbors know that you appreciate the role manufacturing plays in your town.

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