Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Strategy

When talking with business owners about their web strategy, I stress the importance of mobile optimized content, especially for local retail businesses. The rise of smartphones and mobile internet access has led to a “connected consumer”, able to search for information on businesses, products, and services anywhere and anytime with the swipe of a finger.

Looking at our own web analytics data, we have witnessed steadily increasing traffic from mobile devices over the past two years. Mobile visits to our KSBDC website now make up 20% of our total web traffic. Do you know how much of your web traffic comes from mobile devices? Do you know how to find out? (Hint: it’s easy, and free to learn this and much more about your web traffic.)

To illustrate the importance of a mobile web strategy, the fine folks at SlickText.com, specializing in text marketing , have produced a great infographic to share with you today. See the full image and tell us what you’re doing to address a mobile web strategy for your business in the comments below.

– Kevin Norvell, Web Project Manager

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