Crisis Leadership – Leading with Care Through Challenging Times

Presented by: Dr. Hope Stewart


Date: July 1, 2020


Dr.Hope Stewart has an extensive background in training and leadership development, she helps companies like UPS developer employers and she’s also a professor in Founding University, has a doctorate in leadership on education, and authored several books.


Dr. Hope used this pandemic as an opportunity to look at things and find ways to show up better for ourselves and for the team. She shared that it is critically important to lead with care because as a leader you are contagious, which means you are spreading positive things and help in developing people. People don’t quit companies, they quit people


Dr. Hope shares the (HOPE) Helping Other People Excel, leading with CARE through challenging times. Thus, the acronym CARE means:

Collaborative Communicator- As a leader be open to the ideas and input of others. Be willing to actively listen and participate in someone else’s agenda. Be flexible. Appreciate diversity. Manage your feelings and make time and space for your collaboration.


Accountable Attitude- People that are accountable set clear expectations. Inspect what they can expect. And he/she gives feedback.


Respectful Responder-You show curiosity for the views of others. You  seek ways to grow, stretch, and change. You look for opportunities to connect with and support others. Allow yourself to be wrong on occasion. And you engage others in ways that build their self-esteem.

Empathetic Ear -Reflect on your feelings about the message. Are they getting in the way of your thoughts? Ask how people are feeling and listen to what they say. Ask another person what they need from you. Focus on points of connection.


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