Employees Leaving? You Need Strong Leadership

Presented by: Dr. Hope Zoeller, Founder & President of Hope, LLC and Whitney Martin, CEO of Proactive Consulting

Date: 8/4/2021

Determining what a leader needs to do to become more effective has to be determined by a well-rounded group of stakeholders. To become an effective leader it takes time and energy to develop improvement, especially when the improvements are specifically based on the needs of his people. According to Whitney, leaders should have good decision-making skills and good listening ability. She added that development always starts with self-awareness.


360 Micro Analysis can help leaders arrange their time and focus on their work as a leader, and help them identify the traits of leaders in their team. Doing this will help increase employee retention.  According to Dr. Hope, coaching leaders within an organization can help clear a road map and create an understanding of what leaders should do to be successful. 


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