Louisville Cream – Premium Small Batch Ice Cream

"This love affair is deep and passionate, and we're not afraid to tell the world; we love ice cream."

Darryl Goodner and two of his friends Zach Hardin and Lynette Ruby started Louisville Cream almost by happenstance. He and friends were working on a graphic novel, and Darryl started making ice cream as a treat.
He had always had a passion for the ice cream from back when he experimented with various flavors in high school, and once he realized that others wanted in on the yummy concoctions, he bought a little machine and folding table and tent and took it to festivals and food shows.
The business website explains, “Louisville Cream is a small batch gourmet ice cream company. We’re nuts about ice cream, so every batch is special and has lots of love go into it. We make have our own menu staple flavors, some rotating seasonal flavors, and custom flavors for catering!”
The homemade ice cream with high-quality ingredients became a business because of the perfect combination of demand, opportunity, passion and skills. Louisville Cream offers many different flavors, uses the best in-season produce, and offers vegan ice creams too.
“That first winter, there was not a lot of demand, so we took the ice cream to local magazines and hand delivered to them to give the local foodies something unique to write about in winter. That helped us start gaining publicity and a following,” Darryl explains.
The team next started doing ice-cream socials and giving it away from free.
“There, it got big. We realized we have a product and needed to start treating this like a business,” Darryl says. “So, we started in a BBQ place as their dessert food offering, and then from there, we opened our own store.”
The Louisville Small Business Development Center helped Louisville Cream with this next step by helping the business secure financing for larger equipment and for the brick-and-mortar location.
Looking for a sweet treat? Stop in and give one of the seasonal flavors a taste on one of the freshly made cones.

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