Easy to Implement Email Marketing Strategies

Presented by: Amanda Sellers, Content Strategist, Hubspot


Date: 4/21/2021


Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool to promote products and services to potential customers or clients. It is the best marketing strategy in terms of ROI value.


Marketing automation in email marketing can be narrowed down to six categories.


1. Lead nurturing: guiding people who showed interest in your product or service towards purchasing from you.


2. auto-responder: automatically responding to an action taken by the client either. These actions could include clicking a call-to-action button on a website or submitting a contact form.


3. re-engagement: reaching out to customers/leads who are not actively interacting with your emails.


4. reminders: keeping customers/leads up to date with promotions or events by sending reminder emails.


5. client onboarding: welcoming new clients via emails to increase engagement.


6. up-sell: Selling clients additional and supplemental products are services after they have already purchased from you.

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