7 Ways to Jumpstart Your SEO in 2021

Presented by: Toni Sears, Business Coach and Assistant Director at SBDC Kentucky, Jenna Ahern, CEO at Guardian Owl Digital

Date: 1/6/2021

With skill sets and knowledge in digital marketing, Jenna Ahern talks about the trends of Search Engine Optimization and how this is beneficial in the business. Business owners today need to learn Google Analytics and understand the available data to track their marketing efforts, ask the right questions, and make digital marketing strategies to attract their target audience. 

Jenna shares the important aspects of Google Analytics to help improve SEO including Call-to-Actions, content, FAQs, predictive search, AI automation, and using video content. All these aspects are affected as Google continues to update its algorithm to keep up with how consumers interact with brands and search engines. 

The best way to improve your SEO is to start today. Execution matters because SEO is no longer just a sprint, it’s a marathon. Consistent effort is critical to make SEO work for you and the business. 


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