For Success in 2021 You Need a Strategy

Presented by: Kamryn Mock

Date: January 13, 2020

Strategic planning is the roadmap guiding your organization down the road to success. Strategy is about change, and it is really about creating a shift in your organization or a transformation. Strategy is an articulated plan. Starting with the foundation of the mission, vision, values, creating strategic differentiation with your market data, engaging the entire organization, and transformation. A strategic plan is not a business plan, it talks about things outside of the norm. 

The Benefits of strategic planning are the clarity for anyone in the organization who knows or has an idea on how they can contribute. Then, a focus to see what they need to achieve and work. To achieve the future state, creating alignments can help anyone where they can fit in the plan. And Lastly, the idea of having confidence. 

8 Strategic Planning best practices

  1. Vision & Bold Direction
  2. Purpose & Impact
  3. Simple, clear & aligned
  4. Create a Practice
  5. Make it Personal
  6. Co-create with a champion
  7. Make progress visible
  8. Measurable

The Planning model is a great visual for strategic planning. 

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