Seven Layers of Business Adaptation

Presented by: Lyle Hawkins, CEO of Focus 365

Date: January 20, 2021

Lyle Hawkins brings great insight into how we can find a silver lining in the face of difficulty. In our current time, COVID-19’s effect on businesses can destroy (and has destroyed) many business models. Lyle walks us through a step by step process to hone in on your customers and services/products to become successful during any time.

  1. Place consumers before yourself
  2. Tailor your financial review to consumer segments
  3. Involve your people; don’t isolate yourself. You’re more powerful as a TEAM
  4. Hold yourself and others accountable
  5. Focus on current consumers
  6. Reach out to new customers
  7. Adapt to the new normal

Focus365 focuses on what’s important for businesses. Lyle offers a complimentary 1-hour consultation upon request. You can reach out to him at or call him at 502-419-8099.

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