Blog2Book – Developing and Repurposing Content to Build Your Business

Presented by: Cathy Fyock, Author of The Business Book Strategist

Date: 3/24/2021

In this workshop-webinar, Cathy Fyock shares her knowledge on turning your blogs into books that are beneficial for your business. She sheds light on how to use and reuse your content in a way that provides good payback and ROI. 

It’s important to determine your goals to help shape the content of your book and identify who you are and what you know of the business. Writing isn’t about you, but about your readers. Your book should be written for your targeted reader and the information in it should be aligned to the needs of your ideal customers. 

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to start with a blank page. Think of all the burning questions that your readers have for you and go from there. Cathy offers complimentary strategy sessions too, just email her at

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