Blogging for Business – Boost Sales with Content Marketing

Presented by: Amanda Sellers, historical Optimization Writer and Blog Team at HubSpot


Date: July 15, 2020


Blogging is a critical part of content marketing as it helps grow the business. However, it’s only accurate to know that each blog post is just one more chance to rank on Google and not everyone who lands your blog post will become customers. Blogging, in a sense, is a way to catch your target audience earlier on in their journey. 


Amanda Sellers points out the importance of the buyer’s journey in blog content writing. The buyer’s journey is the consumers’ path to purchase and blogging is what you use to intercept them in their journey or lead their journey towards the solution you have. The blog is your vehicle and resource to help the consumers reach the solution to their problems. 


There are 3 steps in blogging mentioned here: brainstorming, writing, and optimizing. All three of these play key roles in ensuring that your content isn’t just for contents’ sake but also as a good marketing strategy to catch your target buyers and move them further down the sales funnel. 


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