Hindsight 2020 – 3 Steps to Get Your Life Back

Presented by: Linda Ruffenach, Strategic Adviser, CEO mentor, Exit Planner, Whisky Chick & Bourbon Badass

Date: July 22, 2020

Linda Ruffenach can be the tour guide on the path towards Total World Domination. Linda stated that “Stop for a moment and start conditioning what your future looks like.” If there’s one thing that Linda taught to help business owners, it is to take the synchronized approach. A synchronized approach is about balancing the financial, personal, and business goals.

The three things she talks about to get your life back are simplify, clarify, and outsource. Simplify means focus energy on the teachable, valuable and repeatable. Clarify, define what done looks like, set clear expectations. That way you won’t be disappointed and there’s going to be less pressure on the job. And lastly, look at things within your business that you can outsource. Do what you do best and outsource the rest. 

For more information visit Execuity.com. You can contact Linda on phone number 502.386.5504 and on email address linda@exequity.com.

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