Communicating in the Time of COVID

Presented by:  Matt Kramer, Owner of BCH

Beth George, Vice President of public relations

TaylorJudsons, Social Media Manager of BCH


Date: May 20, 2020


Brand Engagement map is the tool used for planning for clients. These are shared media, earned media, owned media, and paid media. To develop such a message focus on people who are most affected, be human, have emotion, deal only in facts, and convey confidence. 


In terms of developing a message, highlight the following topics: social media management and having a message that is clear and concise. Then, monitor the crisis. Daily maintenance keeps your brand, your employees, and your followers as informed and engaged as possible. Open and consistent communication flow eases the transition process, boosts internal morale, inspires confidence in your brand, and increases positive sentiment.


News Media or traditional media is any online current broadcast that may influence the business. Beth shared some tips that anyone can follow;

  1. Deal only in facts.
  2. Convey confidence
  3. Be human, have emotion
  4. Pause and think before you speak
  5. Repeat your key messages as often as necessary.

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