Content Strategy – What’s Right for You?

Presented by: Dave Young, Partner at Wizard of Ads

Date: 2/17/2021

Dave Young started his company, Shortcut Content, ten years ago to help clients who are struggling with their content. Today, David shares the techniques they use in providing thousands of content including blogs, podcasts, and more. 

There are 3 big content questions: 

  1. How do I spread content?
  2. What content should I make?
  3. How to make good content?

The answers to these questions are the basis of your content strategy. There are several ways on how to spread your content, such as special media platforms. The key is to have your own website or a hub for your own content. Content creation can be difficult, but you can always start with listing the needs of your target audience and readers. Remember, all content is good as long as it adds value to your readers. 

Dave encourages everybody to start using content marketing as a way to connect with the audience. It also opens up new opportunities for you to become a source material in your niche. 

Starting this pandemic, Dave Young offers a 90-minute content writing seminar. If you are interested, just email him at or contact him at (303) 775-9219. You can also visit for free tools you can use to start writing. 


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