Cybercriminals Are Targeting Your Business! How to Protect What You’ve Built

Presented by: Gina Ganahl, Ph.D. from Mastercard, Rebecca Ledingham from Mastercard, & Monty McGee from Cyber Readiness Institute


Date: 10/27/2021

Many small business owners don’t feel that they would be a target for cybercrime. However, cybercriminals are aware that small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the proper network protections set up.

Even if a cybercriminal has never done business with you, they can still find out about your business through different web indexes. Some of the easiest ways to keep your website safe are to stay up to date with security patches and use multi-factor authentication.

Gill Thomas, shares steps that can help protect your business and reduce cyber risk.:

  1. Know what you have (inventory)
  2. Update your Defenses (software updates, encryption, website checks)
  3. Beyond Simple Passwords (strong, unique, and 2FA)
  4. Prevent Phishing & Malware (anti-virus and DNS security)
  5. Backup and Recover (configure and schedule backups)
  6. Protect your email & Reputation (DMARC and website checks)


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