Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Presented by: Kerry DeMuth, Digital Marketing Consultant


Date: August 5, 2020


RevLocal is a national premier Level partner for google. As a partner of Google, they optimize digital presence to drive customer interaction, sales, and conversions. 


Based on our new level environment, we need to make sure that the business is well- presented as people searching for new alternatives. Your business should be the logical choice. 


To enhance your online presence, the first step is local search and google. Google is the largest search engine, where 3.5 Billion searches happen daily. Second, is the helpful GMB features where we need to learn how to manage your listing after creation. A big part of local search is redeem marketing. Today’s marketing is in the form of online reviews and every business should have a review marketing strategy. Third, eCommerce and social media by adjusting your business messaging on social media. E-commerce retailers are seeing a $175 billion increase in revenue due to quarantine.


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