Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Presented by: Emily Ryan


Date: 3/10/2021


Every business needs email marketing. Emily Ryan leads us through the most frequently asked email marketing questions. The four most asked email marketing questions are:


  1. How can we grow our email list? 
  2. What day and time should I send an email campaign? 
  3. What can I do about my low open rates?  
  4. I know I should do email marketing but don’t have the time. 


Sometimes, the first thing that entrepreneurs do when they wake up is open up their emails. To grow your email list, start with people that you know, then post multiple sign-ups on your website. Ask people to sign up or subscribe, create a landing page where you can collect new subscribers, or host a webinar and ask for people to sign up. There’s no perfect time to send emails, it is always changing. Look at your subject line in your email – your subject line is extremely important to improving your open rates. If you don’t have time, keep your email as simple as possible. The goal should always be to deliver value and to engage. 


You can find Emily Ryan on her website, On Instagram, @emilyryanlikes



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