Facebook and Instagram Advertising on a Shoestring

Presented by: Ben Salisbury,


Date: 9/1/2021


The conventional thinking of advertising is to get the word out to more people. A great product and service that more people know, the more business will be great. People are coming to Facebook to research, shop, be entertained, or be engaged. Your boosted post is creating noise. The goal of Facebook and Instagram advertising should be to get someone on your email list. Your Feeds and the “real” ad are very separate things. 


The First step towards being successful is spending money on Facebook and Instagram, not just recognizing the difference between real Facebook advertising and curating your feed, which boosts your post. Try spending money on ads that enroll people to email because growing your email list is the reason for advertising. Start small, prove that you can get revenue and clients from your ads, and then you can increase your budget as you get better ads. 


The best way to grow your email list is the lead generator and lead magnets. To get lead magnets that work, try different things and test them. Ben Salisbury offers a free course about setting up your business manager and ad account, and setting up the Facebook pixel on your website, just use the code SBAKY at checkout. For online courses just visit www.salisburycreative.com.


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