How to Manage Your Time and Grow Your Business: Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Presented by: Mark Pettit


Date: 8/25/2021


Time management is the biggest priority of a business. Having too much time in your business can cause you to forget the valuable things in your life, so that’s why time management is a must. Pointing out your biggest time obstacles and being clear with goals and deadlines is the answer to improving your time and effort. 


The purpose of time management is not about how long you have to work. If you don’t have any clear goals or clear deadlines, then that’s your biggest obstacle. If you want to improve your time management you have to be accountable for taking action. You have to plan so you know your top goals and each step of what you want to do. Tracking and thinking about how much time you have spent working can help you maximize your time effort. In improving time management you can achieve great revenue and attain the biggest goals by doing what you love to do.


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