How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing

Presented by: Ben Salisbury, President, Creative Group Inc.


Date: 6/2/2021

There are two kinds of traffic that you can come to your website: paid and organic. Paid traffic comes to your website through advertisements on platforms like Facebook and Google. Organic traffic comes to your website through unpaid means. This could be through SEO blog posts, organic social media content, or referrals from friends.


Content is an organic way to attract potential customers to your website. Before creating content, you should ask yourself two questions: who is your ideal customer and what do they need? The idea behind content marketing is that you provide free content to potential customers to attract them to your business and generate leads. Content can be anything from blog posts, to social media posts, to infographics, to videos. Typically, when people talk about content marketing, the focus is on blog posts.


The content marketing process:

  1. Research keywords and topics customers want to learn
  2. Write an article about those topics
  3. Publish the article
  4. Promote the article for free on social platforms
  5. Analyze what works and what doesn’t 
  6. Launch paid ads on Facebook or Google to promote the article (optional)


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