Making the Most of Email and Digital Marketing

Presented by: Emily Ryan, Email Designer/Strategist and Co-founder of Westfield Creative


Date: 8/19/2020

Email marketing is just another form of digital marketing strategy available for businesses today. Based on statistics, email marketing is 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. It’s an important channel that businesses today need to take advantage of. 


Emily shares 4 core things to email marketing: 


  1. Why it is important and why it works
  2. How to get started with email marketing
  3. The type of content that increases revenue
  4. Tips and tricks in email campaigns 

Email marketing is more effective if you have a good message. The goal of emails is to deliver value, engage readers, and for them to click on your call-to-actions. One of the best ways to start your email marketing campaign is to sign up to a platform such as MailChimp and other similar tools. Once there, you can start building your email list. 

With emails, the simpler it is and the clear the messaging is, the better.


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