Marketing in a Post-COVID World

Presented by: Stormie Andrews, Author and Founder of YokelLocal


Date: 8/26/2020


Things have changed with the pandemic. The game changed, the customers changed, and so have you. Stormie Andrews shares helpful insights and strategies that they used in their company to still keep thriving amidst the pandemic. These strategies will help you identify where your customers are in their journey so you can change your strategies and align with their needs. 


A growth triad has three elements: 

  • documented journey
  • tools and tactics
  • actionable metrics

Your organization must have all of these elements to ensure business success. Use the marketing wheel to elevate your position in the industry. Your goal is to become the only business that your customers would want to buy from. 


Pandemic or not, the customers are always core to any business. Your marketing strategies must be based on the customers’ needs. It’s essential for you to understand how your clients and customers make decisions and make approaches based on what they use. Studies show that 80% of purchasing decisions are made based on emotions and not on logic. Therefore, your marketing approach and messaging shouldn’t be based on logic but on the emotions of your customers. Aim to improve your messaging to connect and resonate with your clients. 


Check out the book The World’s Best Buyer Persona System: The Buyer Persona Reimagined: It’s Not Who They Are but HOW THEY THINK! By Stormie Andrews and learn more. 


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