Drive and Thrive – Marketing ROI for Small Business

Presented by: J.C. Phelps, Business Coach and Stu Arnold, Business Coach


Date: 9/2/2020


In this webinar, Stu and JC shared some important insights for small businesses and on how they could increase their ROI using effective marketing and social media. Stu Arnold impresses the importance of knowing the differences between advertising and marketing. While advertising is tactical and created to build awareness, marketing is what increases the actual sales and puts money in the bank. 


Stu also shared key points on how you can increase your marketing ROI: 

  • Don’t just advertise instead, market effectively
  • Use the marketing equation: Interrupt+Engage+Educate+Offer=Results
  • Always remember that strategy drives your target and not vice versa. 
  • Always use the 80-20 rule to find your most important elements

For social media marketing, JC emphasized the importance of social media in today’s society and how you can leverage it to further your brand. It is a kind of marketing that uses social media platforms to connect with the audience to build brand awareness, increase sales, and drive website traffic. He also then shared some insider best practices to fully become a social media expert. 


Facebook and Instagram are only two examples of platforms available today but these two are most effective in reaching your audience. When it comes to social media, JC points out that video content is the supreme form of content and that knowing what the competition is doing to know what works and what doesn’t work is a good practice. 


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