Wise Leadership Instincts – The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

Presented by: Mark S.A Smith, Business Growth Strategist


Date: 9/9/2020


Mark has been in the industry for decades. He has worked with different leaders and throughout the years, he’s learned what it takes to become a successful leader. He’s able to compile all this knowledge into bite-sized information you can use to hone the leader in you. 


Leaders know the importance of adapting to disruptions and new circumstances. Mark Smith emphasizes the essence of having the awareness of one’s skills, capabilities, and limitations. Knowing these things will help you assess yourself on what you need to improve on. There are ways to improve your self-awareness. Some of the steps include: 


  • Journaling your thoughts and plans/tracking your progress
  • Meditating
  • Always be unlearning and learning
  • Getting a coach
  • Gaining perspective without judgment until you have the big picture
  • Taking assessments to gain personal insights
  • Not giving yourself a pass. 

In truth, successful leaders think about things differently. They don’t get easily swayed with the convention. It’s critical to have an open-mind and to think outside of the box. To become a good leader, you make learning a part of your personal culture. Mark offers a leadership skills assessment at OnDemandU.com/lead. If you want to talk to him more on strategies, you can also reach out to him at go.oncehub.com/ESSS.


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