How to Start a Podcast to Market Your Business

Presented by: Rob Simon, Founder/ CEO of Burst Marketing


Date: 9/16/2020


Rob Simon starts with the question, “Why should a business produce a podcast?” Forbes magazine answers,  “Your customers are listening to and being influenced every day by what they hear on podcasts. So ensure you’re one of the voices they’re hearing.” 

Podcasting started in 2001, and in 2020 over 1 million podcasts were launched, double what it was from 2018.


Rob shares the 5-step process on how to start a podcast to market your business.

  1. Create- The concept, format, brand, self or pro-talent, branded intro/outro with music, podcast publishing page on your site vs. 3rd party host.
  2. Produce- Gear, Remote recording for host and guests, interview tips and training, batch recording for time efficiency, post-production editing, cut-ins, sponsors, show notes, pilot episode/trailer, and posting. 
  3. Distribute- Submit RSS to portals and apps with one episode, validate feed, select the category for discovery, top Portals, play on your website, and subscribe by Email.
  4. Promote- Launch campaign, ongoing social media promotion, guest clips and copy and paste, hashtag strategy for tracking, and transcripts
  5. Track- Monthly dashboard, subscribers, downloads, average time listened, platforms, and audience lights.

There are best practices in using a podcast – First is patience, podcasting is a new engagement channel. Second, identify the goals & develop a clear concept. Third, choose a good format & stick with it. Fourth, integrate a Podcast with your website and all social media. Then, produce quality shows. Interview guests to expand distribution and reach. Next, launch it right with the best pilot episodes. And lastly, practice, track and learn.


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