Omni-Channel Marketing for ROI

Presented by: Morgan DiGiorgio, Product Expert, Amplify


Date: 12/8/2021

An Omni-channel marketing strategy is the best of both worlds between direct mail and digital.

  • Omni-channel helps big and small businesses to reach their profit and revenue goals through effective and strategic marketing strategies.

3 Different marketing channels to drive optimum results.

  • Omni-channel
  • Multi-channel
  • Optic-channel (new)

Morgan Digiorgo discussed the difference between omni-channel and multi-channel marketing.

  • Omni-channel – starts with our customer or prospect (great for branding)
  • Multi-channel – starts with the company  

Repetition and consistency are crucial to marketing success. A combination of the right marketing strategy, the right solution, and the right technology package will lead to the best results.

Morgan also discussed the difference between direct mail and digital channels and what the best channels for prospecting for new business are. In either case, it’s important to integrate personalization into the user journey and customer experience.

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