The 8 Pillars of Digital Marketing Success in 2022

Presented by: Chelsea Creekmore, CEO at Creekmore Marketing


Date: 12/1/2021

Creekmore Marketing is one of Kentucky’s largest digital marketing agencies. Chelsea is proud to represent women in technology and is thankful for everyone who supports minority-owned businesses. On behalf of Creekmore Marketing, Chelsea shares the 8 Pillars of Digital Marketing Success in 2022 and some have steps on how to achieve it.

    1. Strong logo & branding. Many clients are redesigning their logos in 2022 to appeal to today’s consumers. Some are completely redesigning it while others are giving theirs a refresh, modernizing it while maintaining the integrity of the original design. A strong logo will attract new customers, set you apart from your competition, and inspire brand loyalty. 
    2. Effective website design. An effective website design must be responsive, have call-to-action buttons, load quickly, be user-friendly, and have trust signals.
    3. Search Engine Optimization. The business with the most and best reviews is usually found at the top of search results. To achieve this, the first step is to claim your company on Google Business Profile. Next, find out which keywords your customers are using when they search. After that, make sure you have a separate page for each product, service, and solution you offer on your website. Finally, get tons of online reviews. 
    4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Use the Google Ads keyword planner to develop the list of search phrases to target. Search for your target keywords on Google and see what your competitors are using for their ad text. Develop negative keywords to take your Google ads to the next level.
    5. Social Media Marketing. Choose 1 or 2 social networks to focus on. Choose a posting schedule, engage your audience,  and boost your best-performing posts.
    6. Reputattion Management.
    7. Retargetting & Geofencing. Geofencing utilizes a combination of GPS, cellular data, and WiFi data to ensure accuracy. This allows you to target people located in certain geographic areas.
    8. A strong process to nurture Leads. If you do any sort of marketing and if you invest in a website at all, you’ll want to have a strong process to nurture leads. This will ensure that you get a better return on your investment.

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