The E-Myth: You’ve Read The Book…Now What?

Presented by: Paul Bauscher, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator


Date: 11/17/2021

Paul used the E-Methodology to run his business and grow it over the years. What he found was that while the concept really resonates with people, they don’t always know how to put that concept into practice.

The Three Personalities is a really powerful concept because it provides you with a way to talk about and name how you’re thinking about your business. The entrepreneur personality is typically focused on strategic things like identifying growth opportunities, analyzing key financial reports, and developing lead generation strategies. The technician personality enjoys tactical work like making sales calls, handling customer service issues, paying invoices, and setting up trade show events. The third personality is the manager, and these people know they can’t do it alone so they find ways to get work done through others. 

Paul shares the time management handbook to show how to set up a management system that will support you. Inside the handbook, they have a time management toolkit that has seven elements:

  1. Become a master prioritizer
  2. Keep a calendar
  3. Track your time
  4. Get a distraction blocker
  5. Build brainstorming into your planning process
  6. Manage projects more effective
  7. Develop your strategic perspective

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