Protect Yourself! Cybersecurity for Small Business

Presented by: Joe Oney, Founder of HOPSEC


Date: 2/23/2022

These days, it is critical to have your business’ data secure from cybercriminals. HOPSEC has practical experience in assisting private companies with cybersecurity.

Data security ought to empower your business to make you open to moving your business forward quicker. It should allow you to know what new dangers mean to you, and help you put resources into security administrations.

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting SMBs because they don’t have control over every component of their supply chain and many rely on single systems to support hybrid work models. Sean Ayers shares eight cyber security questions to ask

  1. Is the IT infrastructure patched?
  2. Do you have an up-to-date antivirus platform?
  3. Does your provider offer vulnerability and penetration testing?
  4. Can your provider actively monitor network threat detections?
  5. Can your provider secure network access to only approved devices?
  6. Does your provider offer multi-factor authentication?
  7. How does your IT vendor assess their employees’ security awareness?
  8. How does your IT provider audit their services to ensure their effectiveness and breadth?

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