Social Centric Marketing – How to Tell Your Business’s Story in a Digital World

Presented by: Randy Blevins, CEO and Founder of Think Tank Marketing (Louisville)


Date: 11/4/2020


The pandemic has changed the landscape of business. Many have closed their doors, while others adapted a new approach to get on with the changes of their customers’ needs. Randy Blevins shares how they were able to pick new clients and how their relationships with their clients evolved. 


They use a social-centric approach. They align with clients who are passionate about their business and those who want to share their product in the community. It is based on social media, social connections with the customers, and social connections with the community. The goal is to help clients thrive in a social world. 


It is critical for a business to figure out their ‘why’ and the rest will follow. How you determine the target audience, how you shape your story, and the tools you will use to reach out to your customers go back to your ‘why’. For Randy, quality is better than quantity. There’s no need to post as often, instead, post quality content that your target audience are looking for. 


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