Turn the Corner – Plan to Thrive in 2021

Presented by: Kamryn Mock, Strategist at OnStrategyHQ


Date: 11/11/2020


Strategic planning plays a huge role for any business’ journey to success. It’s the roadmap to guide organizations towards change, a shift and an articulated plan to engage everyone in the team so that they know how and what to contribute to the overall success. Kamryn Mock shares her expertise in strategic planning – its overview, how it’s done, and all the other aspects that make up a good business strategy. 


There are differences between a business model and a strategic plan. A business model is what’s working at the moment, while the strategic plan is a practice that you are creating and will later on embed into your organization’s mission, vision, and core values. 


Kamryn also defines in length the planning model which includes the following: 


  • Mission
  • Current State
  • Business Strategy
  • Future State
  • 3-Year Roadmap
  • Management System 
  • Team Culture

All these are tied together in creating a working strategic plan. Lastly, Kamryn emphasizes the importance of using the strategy to guide you with the organizational decisions that you. It’s important that you create a plan that’s aligned to your mission, vision, and core values. Most importantly, organizations should always celebrate success. 


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