Why Organizational Leadership is So Important to Successful Companies

Presented by: Marcy Young, HR Alliance


Date: 11/18/2020


Organizational culture is important to business success as it impacts everything from the employees’ performance to how your company is perceived in the marketplace. Everyone in the business is responsible to achieve organizational culture but the implementations should always start from the leadership. 


In this webinar, Marcie(?) shares her insight on what organizational culture is, why it is important to have it in every business. She also gives out some suggestions on how you, as a business owner, can evaluate and build a healthy culture. 


Organizational culture is the heart of any business, it is the defining factor of what your business is and how you interact with your employees and clients. It contributes greatly to your success, for without this culture, you’ll only have a company without a foundation. 


How to make your employees feel valued? How do you ensure that your customers keep coming back to you? How can you set your business apart from the competition? All these questions are tied to having a good set of core values. Marcie gently reminds business owners and people in the leadership roles that your mission should always go deeper than the revenue. 


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