Influencer Marketing 101

Presented by: Courtney Sandora


Date: 2/3/2021


As people have their social media accounts, marketers create this Influencer Industry as a part of their marketing strategy. What makes a good campaign? It has to deal with values. You must choose an influencer that aligns with your brand. The right influencer focuses on how they deliver the quality of the product. It is also crucial to identify the goal for the campaign and look for ways to measure how you would be able to pay or be paid. 


And lastly, you must choose the right network on where the influencer promotes the product, which is important because by this you can gain views and potential buyers. You must also look for partners or social media groups to support the business product and the influencer by sharing and liking the post or clip. The right marketing strategy can lead to the success of the product and also for the influencer. 


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